A very bad day

Yesterday (Thursday) was the first day of vacation where I totally went off the low-carb wagon. Unfortunately, I’m still paying for it today.

I wanted a Rueben sandwich for lunch, so I ordered one (with a side salad, at least). I’d planned to take off the top and eat it open-faced, but the bread was cemented on with cheese on both sides, so that was impossible.

At least rye bread is on the list of recommended whole grains on the South Beach Diet. Of course, I’m not doing South Beach … and I could tell it was a mistake almost immediately.

Yes, it tasted delicious. Yes, it kept me full all afternoon and into the evening. But that didn’t stop me from snacking on sugar-free peanut brittle and an Atkins brownie. I just couldn’t stop eating.

I’m not sure if it was a “what the hell, I’ve already blown it” binge or a “I’m stressed because the Boyfriend yelled at me” moment. He had an absolute cow when he found out there’s a $25/day parking fee at the conference hotel. Add that to his utter conviction that my Focus is going to break down on the way to Anaheim or back and it made for a very unhappy afternoon — and a chocolate malt after dinner.

I’m paying for the carb-fest even now. I feel bloated and still hungry, even though I’ve had a good, low-carb breakfast (omelet with onion/zucchini) and lunch (smoothie and burger at home while I packed).


3 responses to “A very bad day

  1. It is so rare for you to post negative thoughts, so I just had to say, “hang in there, friend!” Now that I’m a no white stuff girl myself, believe me, I understand how yucky you feel (physically and mentally) after a rough day. Be strong because you’ve also done this long enough to know that the cravings will pass and you’ll be back on track soon.

    • Thanks, Sharon. I know you and Di are right … and I’m declaring Sunday “Detox Day.” I will get back on track before I leave for Anaheim. And even if I don’t eat perfectly while I’m there, I’m thinking about going back to Induction for a week or two when I get back.

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