Nothing new under the Arizona sun

Another vacation day, another day of fun (and not-quite-work). I spent part of the day Tuesday at Starbucks, the rest hanging out with the Boyfriend.

This morning, I’m back at the Bux for more blogging/writing time. The Boyfriend headed to Prescott to see about getting a new pair of glasses. We’ll meet up again later for who knows what. Still haven’t gotten in that hike he promised me. Maybe this Sunday, if we don’t get rained out again.

Tomorrow is my scheduled WI day. I’d best start chugging some H2O. Not sure what to expect, because while I’ve been able to stick to a relatively low-carb plan, I’ve also indulged in movie popcorn and haven’t done much in the way of exercise. I’m having trouble bringing myself to face the treadmill for another 25-minute run, which is next on the C25K plan.

Maybe I should just hop on to walk for a while and see if I feel like picking up the pace. It could happen. I’ve actually been feeling a bit sluggish from lack of exercise/low veggie consumption. When we stopped at Arby’s Monday night after the book signing, I willingly ordered a salad.

Who AM I?


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