Shopping is fun again

I started off my Wednesday with two Carbonara Egg Muffins to fuel me through my long-delayed C25K run:

A little more than 2.5 miles in 38 minutes, at speeds of 2.0 (beginning warmup) to 4.4 (for not very long). I hit my first mile at 15:57 and the second at 30:10.

Does running get any easier? I sure hope so. Those first 10 minutes are pure torture … and the last 10 are no picnic, either. I’ve tried listening to Pandora while I run and watching something on TV … but neither one seems to make the time go by more quickly.

Maybe I’m just not a natural runner? Maybe I need to move my run outside instead of staying on the treadmill?

Any advice would be appreciated.

After a shower and kitchen time to whip up my favorite smoothie and sautee sausage and veggies for dinner at the office, I hit Ross in hopes of finding a dress to wear at the awards ceremony that caps the conference I’ll be attending in less than two weeks. (Gulp. Is it really that soon? I’m not ready!)

It wasn’t hard for me to pull dresses off the rack — nine of ’em in all (all size XL or 16). Right away, I knew some of them wouldn’t be making the trip to Anaheim.

Too tight around the hips.

This leopard print was one of them. While I loved the fun print, the dress was too tight around the hips — and if it was supposed to be a maxi-dress, it failed by about three inches.

Too short. Felt like my butt was hanging out. Plus, the color did nothing for me.

Also not a winner, for obvious reasons.

The Empire waist wasn’t flattering.

Another no. I hated several of the other picks so much they didn’t even get a photograph. (They either fit poorly or were of the “cuter on the hanger than on me” variety.)

But here’s where the choices started to get harder.

A real contender.

Ultimately, I decided this one was more flattering that the other black and white one.

I bought the black and white dress on the right to wear when I meet my Starcatcher sisters for dinner one night.

While I really liked the irregular hem on the dress on the left — lower in back than in front — I decided the other one looked better on me.

For the awards ceremony, I ended up getting this plum-colored beauty:

This was the clear winner for the awards ceremony.

I felt great when I put this one on. (You can see it in the glow on my face, I think.) The sequins provide just enough bling to make it Saturday-night-at-the-awards-ceremony worthy.

Shopping can be an ordeal — I know. When nothing looks good on you, you tend to dread the experience.

I was pleased to discover I’m beyond the point where I hate everything I try on. Yes, I still have plenty of pounds to lose, but I can say — with conviction — that I look pretty good in my picks.

Better yet? Both dresses were super-cheap — each under $20. I picked up a new bra, too, and walked out having spent less than $43.

Now, to rustle up some comfy but cute shoes. I should have something in my closet that’ll work with both dresses.


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