No run for me

When I woke up at 10 o’clock Tuesday morning, I just wasn’t feeling a 25-minute run.

This begs the question, “Do I ever feel like a 25-minute run?” And I’m not sure the answer is “yes” yet. For some reason, 25 minutes feels even more daunting than the 20-minute run that made me give up C25K the first time around.

Yes, I know I’ve done it once … and if I’ve done it once, I can do it again. And I will. Soon. It just didn’t happen Tuesday, as I’d planned.

Instead, I spent the morning in the kitchen, experimenting with these Carbonara Egg Muffins from TGIPaleo.

I saw the recipe in my Google Reader the other night, and immediately bookmarked it to try. Knowing I had most of the ingredients on hand, I headed to Safeway after work to pick up a spaghetti squash. It was 11 p.m., and I still sent the poor stock guy into the back to look for a non-organic spaghetti squash because I didn’t want to pay $2.19 a pound. After a prolonged search, he found one.

Sadly, it didn’t save me that much — it was still $1.99 a pound. 😛

I threw the whole squash in the oven when I got home, letting it bake while I blogged. When I pulled it out, I put it on a plate so it could cool overnight.

Cleanup was a b*tch.

So on Tuesday morning, I was rarin’ to finish making my Carbonara Egg Muffins. I didn’t have the Herbes de Provence, so I threw in some seasoned salt (the orange stuff) and cracked black pepper instead.

I greased the muffin tin with cooking spray, as directed, but my muffins stuck to the pan something fierce. The Pam must have been defective. Maybe next time, I’ll try using good, old-fashioned butter to grease my pan.

I’ll also put the muffin tin on a cookie sheet, because despite the muffin cups not being completely full, my eggs overflowed their confines.

Yikes! I’m not looking forward to cleaning up that mess.

Don’t let the ugliness fool you. It tastes great.

My egg muffins aren’t as pretty as TGIPaleo’s, but the flavor is spot-on. I love the onion/bacon/garlic combo. I’ve already eaten three: One when it came out of the oven, one when I got to the office (as a late lunch) and one as a late-night snack when I got home.

I was surprised at how good it was even without any cheese. Normally the quiche-type recipes I make contain some kind of cheese, and often heavy cream, too. But these muffins are light and airy without dairy and dairy products at all.

(No, I’m not ready to give up Atkins … but there are a lot of grain-free Paleo recipes I can get behind.)

Even more surprising? When I put the ingredients in the SparkPeople recipe calculator, I came up with the following nutritional stats:


Just 1.4 Net Carbs and 89 calories per muffin? I think I’ll go snack on another one!

Or maybe not. I need to get some sleep so I can get up and tackle that run.

I also have to think about looking for a dress to wear to the RWA awards ceremony. Conference is two weeks away, and I volunteered to usher for the ceremony, which means I need to look semi-nice (though not as dressed up as last year, when I was a finalist). I think I’ll hit Ross this morning, see if I can pick up a nice dress on the cheap.

Not that I’m complaining (much, anyway), but I never got to wear this adorable dress.

Clearly, I can’t wear this cocktail dress I bought last spring. It’s a size 24 and while it might not look like it in this photo, I’m swimming in it. Trust me when I say I could fit two more breasts in that top.

Kind of a bummer that I never had a chance to wear it. Not knowing how many dressy events I’d be attending in NYC, I picked it up on sale with another cocktail dress (buy 1, get one for $1).

And then I started Atkins and lost 9 pounds before conference (all in the chest). Neither of the cocktail dresses got worn, and my Starcatchers sisters had to pin me into the long gown I wore at last year’s awards ceremony.

At least this year, I can get something a lot simpler. With absolutely no chance I’ll be up on that stage, accepting an award, I don’t have to dress to the nines.

Hmm. When I look at my progress like that, I’ve lost quite a bit of weight since last summer — from a size 24 to a 14/16.  It’s not a 10, but I’ll take it!


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