Sometimes you feel …

Sometimes you feel like going to bed late and sleeping in. Would that it were possible every day of the week.

The bright red color caught my eye.

Sometimes you feel like snapping a picture of a fast car so you can dream about what it’d be like to ride in it.

Sometimes you feel like crying for the dashed hopes of a nation. (Sorry, Great Britain. You’ll have to wait even longer for that long-awaited Wimbledon title. Maybe next year?)

Sometimes you feel like sitting around the house in your pajamas all day. Our Sunday morning hike has become a Monday morning hike instead. Good thing I don’t have to go in to work until midafternoon.

Sometimes you feel like cleaning out your car. And sometimes you don’t. I’m trying to tell myself I do. The Focus is in serious need of decluttering. I want a nice, pristine vehicle to drive when I head to Anaheim at the end of the month.

The breakfast of champions?

Sometimes you feel like sitting through a marathon of trashy Lifetime movies instead of cleaning out your car. Help! Pry my butt off the chair so I can get something accomplished today … like a much-needed shower.

Sometimes you feel like eating an ear of farm-fresh sweet corn, carb count be damned. (It was the best darn ear of corn I’ve had in years … years, I tell you.)

And, of course, sometimes you feel like a nut. 😉 I still prefer the wasabi-soy sauce variety, but these were handy. (The Boyfriend won’t eat spicy foods, so he won’t buy that flavor. I have to get my fix on my own time.)

P.S. Here’s a picture of Friday morning’s scale reading … 220.8. Not quite 220.6, but better than the 221.2 I saw when I tried to repeat Thursday’s WI for the camera.

I’ll take it, that’s for sure. The 210s are so close I can reach out and grab them, provided I stay away from additional ears of farm-fresh sweet corn and half-price milkshakes from Sonic. And I must move my body, not sit around all day watching TV.

Looking forward to Monday morning’s hike!


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