Signs of progress, zucchini chips and a run, interrupted

Unlike most Americans, I had to work on the Fourth of July. Not only did I not get to see any fireworks, I couldn’t finish the front page until our photographer got back to the office with pictures of other people enjoying the fireworks.

Rub salt in the wound, why don’t you?

Before I headed in to the office, I managed to get in a C25K run: W7D1. Yeah, it was another 25 minutes of running, straight. No picture of my triumph because we had a power glitch when I had less than 4 minutes to go — I had to re-start the treadmill to finish.

Here’s the treadmill record for each start:

In all,  I covered 2.42 miles in 38 minutes.

I was proud of myself for not throwing in the towel when the treadmill stopped. I could have said “screw it” — but didn’t. I re-started it and kept right on going.

Part of the reason I even got on the treadmill to start with was what I had in the oven: Zucchini chips.

I saw the idea on one of the Atkins Community message boards Tuesday night and was immediately intrigued. There were links to several recipes, this one among them. Since I had a zucchini in the fridge, I knew I could whip up a batch for lunch.

Zucchini chips are another recipe I found online Pretty tasty. I had them with an egg & cheese sandwich on a George Stella zucchini muffin.

Let me say it now: Zucchini chips are a great way to satisfy those crunchy/salty cravings — much better than pork rinds, for sure. (I’ve never been a huge fan of pork rinds, but will eat them with guacamole or as the base for nachos when I’m really craving Mexican flavors.)

The only drawback? You have to plan ahead a little, because they take 2-plus hours to make.

I might have gotten away with a little less baking time had my slices been slightly thinner. All the recipes called for slicing the squash with a mandolin, but because I don’t have one of those, I used my food processor’s slicing blade.

Then again, the slices that were too thin stuck to the baking sheet. Next time I make zucchini chips, I’ll line the pan with parchment paper first.

Thursday was a bit of a bummer, what with the not-as-good-as-I-hoped scale reading.

Sign of progress: My pants are getting too big.

I just have to remind myself that the scale isn’t the only measure of progress — and I’m seeing progress in other areas. The clothes I’ve put on the last few days have seemed big and baggy.

I tried to get a picture of the saggy butt in these pants, but had to settle for snapping the gap in the waistband instead.

Today’s payday. Errand-running and a check-in with my friend’s kitties are on the agenda.


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