Broken pedometer and DOMS

Beautiful scenery

Sunday’s hike brought with it both good news and bad news.

The good news? I can hike for 3-plus hours and still feel good afterward.

The bad? My pedometer got broken sometime during the hike. I checked my step count not soon after we started back to the truck and it said 6,000-something. When we got back, it said 7,320. So it stopped counting not too long after I peeked.

I haven’t had a chance to pick up a new one yet, and probably won’t until payday. That means I’ll be pedometerless this week. Probably not a good thing. I need the thing to challenge me to move more.

The other good news post-hike? I didn’t wake up sore on Monday. While the Boyfriend woke up whining about his hamstrings — to which I replied, “You’ll think twice before making me do such a strenuous hike next weekend, right?” — I felt pretty good. Barely any pain at all.

Ha! That changed by the time I woke up Tuesday. Now I feel like I imagine he felt yesterday. Ouch. Darn DOMS.

Oh well. The view — and the knowledge that challenges like this will change my body — made it worth the soreness.

Now, I just need to remind myself that such challenges don’t give me a license to mow down on unneeded carbs.



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