Sick day?

Getting a good night’s sleep Tuesday night didn’t have the desired effect: I woke up feeling worse, not better. I was achy, stuffy and miserable … I barely had the energy to crawl out of bed, let alone do anything productive.

It was all I could do to transfer stuff from my broken purse to a new (old) one. Good thing I’d dug it out of my closet when I noticed the other one’s strap starting to fray. If I’d had to go searching for a purse today, I’d probably have tried re-stapling the broken strap again.

Unfortunately, no matter how sick I feel — and I seriously wonder if I had a fever when I woke up — I can’t call in sick to work. I have sick days, but with one of my coworkers still on vacation, there’s no one to fill in if I’m not there.

I pulled myself together enough to whip up a brunch smoothie, because by this time it was noon. (I woke up long enough to go to the bathroom at 5-ish, but crawled right back into bed and didn’t wake again ’til 10.) I did not, however, feel like fixing my lunch for work — so I threw an Atkins bar in my purse.

Then I headed over to check on my friend’s cats, since I’m cat-sitting while for her she’s on vacation, and spent about an hour at Starbucks, pretending to write (really just catching up on tweets and e-mails). Blergh. Must get my new story back on track!

Only a few things made today not suck:

Storm clouds rolled in. Unfortunately, they didn’t bring any rain. However, it’s a good sign the monsoon is near. Hopefully, it’ll arrive soon. We need the moisture.

Hot wings for dinner. I was still hungry after eating my Atkins bar, so I dashed out for an order of wings. The aim was to get hot wings to clear out my sinuses. Sadly, it didn’t work — at least not as well as I’d have liked. My nose ran for a little while, but I was back to stuffy an hour later.

Working on Friday’s movie page. What red-blooded American female wouldn’t enjoy looking at bare-chested Channing Tatum and Matthew McConaughey? Seriously.

I’m looking forward to seeing “Magic Mike” — now more than ever, since I’ve read some of the stories about the movie. Did you know it’s based on Tatum’s real-life experiences as a stripper? Now you do. 😉

There was a funny quote in one of the interviews, where he talks about how hard it is for a guy to look sexy. He says something to the effect of “no matter what we do, we end up looking like a clown.”

I’m willing to give bet he succeeds in looking sexy. How about you?



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