Fast and Fun Friday Five

A lengthy blog post, full of ruminations on my past present and future, isn’t in the cards tonight because it’s late and I’m tired. My brain doesn’t seem to be working at full speed right now.

Luckily, I do still have time and energy to make a list (or two or three) — so welcome to the return of Friday Five.

Five TV shows I wish I watched more often (or at all)

  1. Burn Notice
  2. Psych
  3. Royal Pains
  4. Suits
  5. Mad Men

Daniel, one of the baristas at Starbucks, also does low-carb, and he came up with this wonderful concoction … so much better than my attempt!

Five foods I’m loving right now

  1. My Birthday Cake Remix Smoothie
  2. Lettuce-wrapped burger from Five Guys
  3. Daniel’s version of a low-carb Frappuccino
  4. Zucchini (always)
  5. Cobb or Caesar salads

Five new things I’ve tried recently

  1. Buffer, the tweet manager Healthy Living Blogs has been talking up
  2. Couch to 5K. Week 6 is brand-new territory for me. When I started the program 2 years ago, I dropped out in Week 5, before the big, scary 20-minute run.
  3. Native New Yorker. The Cobb salad was delicious … the wings were breaded, even though the menu says nothing about breading. Will try them again, asking for no breading.
  4. The PB Fingers book club. June will be my second month participating, and I’m really enjoying “Drop Dead Healthy.” Now, if only I could read just a little faster …
  5. Wish I could add “Flirty Girl Fitness” to this list, but I still haven’t managed to try out my new DVDs.

That’s it and that’s all. I’ll be back later with (hopefully) a lot more to say. My brain should kick back into gear after I get a few Zzzs.


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