Thrift store shopping pays off again

I’m beginning to think the Boyfriend’s penchant for thrift store shopping isn’t all bad. The treadmill he picked up in early May is getting plenty of use, even if I still avoid the bike from hell.

And last weekend, when we stopped at one of his favorite thrift stores, I found some DVDs I’ve been wanting to try.

The Boyfriend’s love of thrift store shopping pays off again.

One of the hazards of my shift is watching a lot of late-night TV. Since we have satellite, shows are on the East Coast feed — and that means one of the few things  on when I get off work at midnight (3 a.m. in NYC) is infomercials.

The infomercial for Flirty Girl Fitness is one of the ones I don’t automatically turn off right away. It’s always looked fun and intriguing. Not surprising, I suppose, since I prefer workouts that don’t seem like work.

Take, for example, the strip aerobics class I took at the gym many moons ago. It was a half-day (or longer) seminar, and I loved it. The hours went by in the blink of an eye. Zumba’s the same way for me. I know it’s a good workout, but it’s so much fun that it doesn’t feel like work at all.

Can’t wait to try these babies out!

While he browsed, I checked out the shorts (and bought a pair of tight 14s that should fit in 10 pounds or so). Then I spotted these Flirty Girl Fitness DVDs on a shelf. At just $2 each, I had to snap them up.

I haven’t gotten a chance to try either of them yet, but maybe this morning.

There’s a C25K on my schedule — W4D3, to be exact. But I might be able to do both, so long as I stick to the upper body DVD. If it’s as fun as I think it’ll be, it won’t feel like work at all.

Other infomercials I can watch repeatedly include the Six-Week Body Makeover and Food Lover’s Fat Loss program. Guess I’m just a sucker for makeover stories … or maybe it’s just the allure of a quick fix, because I’ve been known to watch that “Skinny Switch” commercial, too.

Even though I know there’s no magic bullet, and weight loss requires hard work (and lots of it), those promises of eating favorite foods while still losing weight suck me in every time. The thought’s mighty tempting.

Lucky for me, I’ve found at least one channel that airs real shows at 1 a.m. — Investigation Discovery. True crime stories are better than infomercials that promise things they’ll never deliver.

What about you? Any infomercials you can’t look away from?


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