Blogger envy and a late-night workout

Ever read someone else’s blog and feel woefully inadequate?

I love all the blogs in my Google Reader — otherwise they wouldn’t be there. I don’t have time to waste reading things I don’t enjoy.

That said, it’s hard not to feel like I’m coming up short when one of my blog buddies runs 10-plus miles, enjoys a day full of healthy eats and then heads out for a night on the town with friends … or takes a beach vacation with family … or jets off to the city for a meet-and-greet with celebrities.

My life just isn’t that exciting. I basically work full-time and write another 20 hours a week (at least). When I’m not working, I’m hanging out with the Boyfriend and trying to exercise and eat healthy enough to lose stubborn pounds.

I don’t rub elbows with famous folk (although I did once get to interview Pauly Shore) or run half-marathons. Heck — I can’t even run a 5K yet. I’m not getting ready for a new baby or taking fun trips.

So forgive me if I sometimes get a severe case of blogger envy. I’ll endeavor to do more interesting activities, like this Flagstaff Extreme Adventure Course. (I’d best try to build up some upper body strength before I attempt it, though.)

I’m also thinking I might be ready to run a 5K by the time the Ponderosa Hustle happens in mid-September. Now, if only I can figure out how to register … Oh, wait — it says registration opens in July. No wonder I can’t figure out where to click! 😉

Until I start leading a more exciting life, I’m stuck blogging about my days on the treadmill, in the kitchen and at my favorite writing haunt, Starbucks.

Tuesday was routine, except for the fact that the Boyfriend woke me up at 5 a.m. I managed to get back to sleep a couple of hours later (after much reading on the iPhone) and slept until 11, which meant no workout before work.

I did, however, sneak in a workout after work.

After reading Caitlin’s post on the best fitness apps, I downloaded the “lite” (read “free”) version of RipDeck … and I tried it out for the first time when I got home. It wasn’t too bad — and actually kind of fun.

My beginner-level workout lasted for 10 minutes, 12 seconds (finishing at 12:22 a.m.). I completed 22 of 36 cards, including 36 sit-ups, 30 (wall) push-ups, 23 jumping jacks and 38 squats. I thought my abs would give out when I pulled a sit-up card three times in a row, but they held on.

Okay, it was more than “kind of” fun. I’ll be doing it again soon. Maybe I’ll even get through more than 22 cards … but if I don’t, even five or 10 cards would make for a great mini-workout. A few of those throughout the day and I’ll build up enough strength for that ropes course before you know it!


9 responses to “Blogger envy and a late-night workout

  1. Arlene, I really enjoy your blog. It is in MY reader and I read every post. With fond memories of a week spent in Flagstaff, I love the fact that I have a friend in Arizona, I enjoy your recipes and your style of writing! Don’t envy the blogs of others – you have a great one yourself!

    • Thank you, Sharon. I really wasn’t fishing for compliments … I just had a bad case of blogger envy last night. I’m feeling much better today, though. 😉

  2. Bloggers only share the most exciting parts of their life 😉 Or make really boring parts sound exciting. Hell, I wrote a post on my pregnancy snoring problem yesterday. LOL.

    Thanks for reading and linking to me!!!!

  3. I like your blog too. You are like me, normal. I used to have a blog didn’t last long, it still may be out here, called LivingVanilla. I would just talk about my vanilla day. It’s pretty much the same thing day after day. Hard telling what I wrote about but if it happened to me, good, bad, or embarrassing I put it in there…hehe. I will have to see if i can find if it’s still a live.

    • Thanks. If my bosses recorded the websites I visit at work, I’d be in trouble … a lot of Twitter and gmail, a little Facebook and even a few WordPress visits get mashed in there with all the work-related things I do (a lot of which look like slacking. I visit the movie theater website to see which movies open on Friday because I lay out the movies page for our paper).

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