Spreading the link love again

Whenever I stumble across something I want to remember or share, I leave it on a tab in my web browser. The result is that I have way too many tabs open and it’s slowing my computer down. (Not like the ancient G3 I have at the office isn’t slow enough already …)

Let’s see if we can speed it up a tad, shall we?

— Prior Fat Girl is hopping, with two new bloggers joining the team. The other day, I read a great post by one of them, Liz, who reminded me you can’t win the war on weight loss. Why? Because by calling it a war, you make your body the enemy … and you need to love your body, not hate it … treat it as ally, not enemy. She explained herself much more eloquently than I can, so if you haven’t already read the post, click on over and check it out. I’ll still be here when you get back.

— Someone — it might have been Glenneth — shared this link to the greatest health and fitness apps. It’s such a good article, with such a wealth of information, that I need to record it for posterity so I can go back and browse for new apps at my leisure.

— Eat This, Not That recently tweeted a list of the six worst coffee drinks. Gulp. If the Frappuccino I had the other day had similar stats (69 grams of sugar), it’s no wonder I had the munchies all night. That’s more than three times the number of carbs I normally eat in a day.

— The folks at Healthy Living Blogs shared a link to a buffalo chicken meatloaf that looks intriguing. If I swap out the oats for some chopped mushrooms, the way I usually make meatloaf, I could eat that. I’m adding it to my “Food Ideas” board on Pinterest.

— Healthy Living Blogs is a great resource. The administrators there also shared a great post titled “A workout for when all else fails.” If it had a photo with it, I’d pin it to Pinterest so I can find it easily … although 1 minute of triceps dips sounds pretty painful to me.

— Want to know why fruit and low-carb eating don’t mix all that well? Via SugarStacks.com, comes a visual comparison between fruits and the number of sugar cubes they contain. I know a few people who could benefit from perusing this website.

— I love the latest health.com “Feel Great Weight” post from Tina from Carrots N Cake. Four healthy habits on the go lays out four (duh!) great ways to stay healthy when you’re running around like a chicken with your head cut off. Since that seems to be my modus operandi these days, I really appreciate Tina’s tips.

— Feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day? Sparkpeople has a great article on 7 simple ways to reclaim an hour a day. Lots of good tips there, including one that’d be MizFit approved: Stop multitasking. They argue:

Since we aren’t fully focused on any one thing when we multi-task, each individual task takes longer to finish.  This lack of focus leads to more errors, which then, of course, take more time to correct. You will be shocked at how much faster you complete a job when you turn off all distractions, and stay laser focused on what you are doing.

Definitely food for thought. I know it takes me longer to get things done when I multitask at work.


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