Three minutes

I can do a lot in three minutes:

  • Play three games of Bejeweled Blitz
  • Microwave bacon almost to my desired crispness
  • Boil an egg (? I thought that took a lot longer, but not according to Mr. Google)
  • Brush my teeth

Today, I can add run without stopping to that list. 

That’s right: I finished Week 3, Day 1 of C25K, which included two three-minute runs. I finished them both without stopping, even though that first three minutes d-r-a-g-g-e-d out forever. (Okay, the second one wasn’t much better.) I hope it gets easier, or I’ll never make it through that 20-minute run in Week 5.

Today’s workout stats:

Two miles in 33 minutes. 245 calories burned and 90 vertical feet climbed. Speeds of 3 mph (start of warm-up) to 4 mph (jogging intervals), with walk breaks at 3.6-3.8 mph. Clocked Mi. 1 at a hair over 16:00.

Happy shiny person?

Not too bad, even if I was a hot mess when I finished. Seriously — I can’t remember the last time I lost that much sweat. Probably not since the first weeks of Tina Reale’s Best Body Bootcamp.

Speaking of bootcamp, I wonder when the next one starts. Despite having all my bootcamp workouts printed out, I haven’t been able to push myself to do one since the program ended.

The scale wasn’t so kind to me Thursday morning, though. Even though I’m feeling fine and expected to see a number in the high 210s, I’m back up.

What, exactly, happened? I can’t begin to say.

I feel actually feel lighter and stronger and like I’ve been making good choices this week. My clothes even seem a little looser. Perhaps last weekend’s vacation indulgences (a couple of Frappuccinos, a cookie and way too many handfuls of those delicious TJ’s Chili-Lime Cashews) finally caught up with me? Maybe I just didn’t drink enough water Wednesday.

It could also be the difference in scales. I was back on my own trusty WW scale, instead of the one at the Boyfriend’s. Maybe my “the scale weighs 2.4 pounds too heavy” wasn’t as accurate as I thought. (I swear it’s correct, though. I hopped on that scale directly after weighing myself on my WW scale one morning and came up with a number exactly 2.4 pounds higher.)

Anyway … here’s where I remind myself that the number on the scale is just that: A number. It doesn’t measure my success or happiness, or my self-worth. If I feel like I’m on track, I just need to keep doing what I’m doing. The scale will catch up eventually.

Pep talk over. 😉

Thursday morning’s kitchen time didn’t include the pancake breakfast I included in the day’s menu plan. I did, however, have time to make meatballs and cauliflower risotto — both of which are delicious.

I had five meatballs with 2 T of tomato sauce for lunch after writing time. Dinner was cauliflower risotto and ham salad in lettuce cups with a side of cucumber spears.

No rubbery whites here.

In between, I snacked on a couple of deviled eggs. Thank goodness this batch tasted better than the last one. The difference? I boiled these eggs myself.

That’s definitely the way to go, even if it’s not as convenient as the hard-boiled eggs in the deli.

Better yet, I’ll be able to eat more homemade meals. I have leftover ham salad, risotto and meatballs.

I love rediscovering home-cooking.


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