Vacation from vacation

Am I the only one who goes back to work feeling the need for a vacation from vacation? I sure hope not. I don’t like feeling alone.

Why does that happen? I had a perfectly relaxing week off, spent doing exactly what I wanted to be doing (writing and hanging out with the Boyfriend). Yet I’m totally exhausted after a few hours at the office.

Why couldn’t I have won the lottery while I was off work? Oh yeah — you can’t win if you don’t play.

No workout this morning, unless you count time running around the kitchen. After a quick trip to the grocery store, I made a half-dozen hard-boiled eggs, whipped up a batch of Atkins Classic Ham Salad and grilled a chicken breast for my dinner salad.

Better yet, I got all that done and still had time to get to Starbucks for writing time before work. 😉

Today was a kitchen-loving kind of day, because I tried a new recipe for breakfast, too: This Almond-Berry Smoothie. Yeah, I lifted the picture from the Atkins site. Mine wasn’t nearly that photogenic … but it was tasty. My only complaint? Raspberry seeds. I’m not a huge fan of getting seeds stuck in my teeth — or sucking them up through a straw.

Seeds or no, this was one seriously delicious smoothie. I’ll definitely make it again (soon, to use up some more of the raspberries I bought).

Thursday weigh-in and W3D1 of C25K are on the agenda Thursday morning, followed by writing time at — where else? — Starbucks at noon.

Hmm. Maybe I’m so tired because I can accomplish more before noon than some people do all day. I have to stop burning the candle at both ends.


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