Did it to myself

As I sit here tonight, watching a “Criminal Minds” marathon on A&E and fighting food cravings out the wazoo, I can honestly say it’s my own damn fault.

That’s right. After a week straight of sitting at Starbucks most of the day, hard at work on my manuscript, I decided to treat myself to an oatmeal cookie and a mocha-coconut Frappuccino  today.

Even though I got the Frappuccino made with light mocha and base and whole milk, it was a big mistake. Huge. I shouldn’t have done it. I know better. And now I’m paying for it. I can’t stop eating … cashews, cheese, an Atkins brownie … and nothing’s filling me up. Blech.

Okay. It’s time to take deep breaths and know that one day of indulging won’t make me blow up. I just need to get back on track now.

I don’t weigh in until Thursday. Plenty of time to undo the damage before then. I’m back to work tomorrow, which means back to my routine … and that has to be good for my diet. I’ll be in my own kitchen, with the ability to cater to my own healthy, low-carb whims.

Anyone else out there a fan of “Criminal Minds”? What does it say about me that my entertainment of choice is cop/FBI shows or true crime stuff on Investigation Discovery (now ID)? Maybe I ought to try my hand at writing romantic suspense.

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