Vacation Friday Five

I haven’t done one of these Friday Five posts in a while, so here goes. Short and sweet, just because I’m busy enjoying my time off …

Five things I can’t get enough of this week

  1. Writing. I’m trying to whip my MS into shape by May 31.
  2. Reading. I finished a cute, humorous mystery called “Phone Kitten” and have moved on to the PB Fingers May Book Club pick, “Still Missing.” That is one seriously disturbing book so far, but I can’t stop turning the pages. I hope it has a happy ending … if not, I’m going to be disappointed.
  3. Playing with the Boyfriend. I need some down time, don’t I? I am supposed to be on vacation, after all.
  4. Completing C25K workouts. W2D2 is now under my belt. W2D3 is on the schedule for Sunday morning (I think).
  5. Writing some more. Did I mention I do my best writing at Starbucks? Just the smell of coffee puts me in the mood to work. πŸ˜‰

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