Vacation odds & ends

Not a whole lot going on in my world this week. I’m getting in lots of writing time, as well as playtime. Enjoy this roundup of randomness.

The diet is going about the way it usually does when I’m at the Boyfriend’s: Lots of meat, cheese, nuts and Atkins bars; fewer veggies. But the carb count is under control, so I’m still hoping for a good scale reading in the morning.

Treadmill results for Week 2, Day 1. The 101 is fat calories burned … The display had me burning more than 300 regular calories.

Exercise is okay. I’ve gotten more than I would have before bootcamp, but not quite as much as I was getting while doing bootcamp. I did W2D1 of C25K Tuesday morning, then took another 20-minute walk on the treadmill after dinner.

Imagine that: I had time to kill and had just read Roni’s inspirational post, Wouldn’t it be fun to find out?

Sadly, when Wednesday rolled around, I used the “I walked twice Tuesday” excuse to skip getting on the treadmill Wednesday.

Ah well. What’s that saying? Progress, not perfection … Two walks in one day is progress, definitely. 😉

Love this color.

— While I was at Starbucks in Flagstaff Tuesday for writing time with some friends, I saw the cutest car. It’s a Mazda, I believe, and I just love the color. If I were in the market for a new vehicle, I just might go for a green one. A few years ago, I was in love with metallic copper/orange, but that green looks mighty appealing. You don’t see many that color out on the road.

The one color I won’t be getting? Any shade of gray. Three of my four vehicles have been that color.

My first, a Mazda GLC, was what they called “Toronado Silver” — but it was really a dark, metallic gray. My second car, a red Chevy Cavalier, broke the mold. But car No. 3, a Nissan Sentra was again — you guessed it — dark, metallic gray. The saving grace was that in some lights, it shimmered kind of purple-y. When the Nissan got totaled in 2005, I ended up with a slightly used Ford Focus in … silver.

So you see why I want my next vehicle to be some other — any other — color. A sapphire blue would be nice, too.

What a great view!

— On Tuesday, I found myself with time to spend in my favorite “office,” the terrace outside the Starbucks in Sedona.

When the Boyfriend had an apartment in Sedona, I used to hang out there to write all the time. Who wouldn’t love that view?

Unfortunately, my regular writing sessions with a view ended when he moved in December. I spent most of the morning and part of the afternoon there on Thanksgiving (inside, because the wind was a little chilly that day), and that was my last long visit.

The sky’s not usually gray.

— Apparently, Arizona is on fire. There’s more than one wildfire burning, and the smoke has settled in the Verde Valley.

There are at least five fires, according to this news report. One of them is near Crown King, about an hour’s drive from the Boyfriend’s. Another is somewhere around Payson, about an hour and a half away. The result is a lot of smoke blowing this way. The sky is usually a brilliant blue, not yellow-gray.

Hmm. I’m beginning to think I might have something against the color gray.

I know I have little desire to read “Fifty Shades of Grey.” I don’t have anything against erotic romance … Some of my favorite stories to read are in the Harlequin Blaze line, the company’s raciest. And I’ve bought my share of racy e-books. But anything that started life as “Twilight” fan fiction is suspect in my book.

Y’all can start throwing things at me — or leaving hateful comments — if you want, but I’ve tried to read the “Twilight” books and cannot get through them. I can barely get past the first chapter. They’re poorly written; the characters are whiny. If “Fifty Shades” is anything like them, there’s no way I’m plunking down $10 for an e-book I won’t be able to finish.

An addictive snack.

— I have a new snack obsession. I finally cracked open the bag of Thai Lime & Chili Cashews I picked up at Trader Joe’s on my last visit, and they’re fantastic. They’re a bit spicier than I expected them to be … they’re even spicier than the “tangy lemon” almonds supposedly made with real Tabasco.

Maybe my Midwestern taste buds are finally adapting to their new home, because spicy or not, I find them seriously delicious. I need to measure these puppies out carefully lest I down half the bag.

Yeah, I know the bag already looks empty. That’s because I transferred the nuts to a bag with a zippered top. Can’t have my favorite new snack going stale!


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