Not-so-cheesy garden veggie burger

When I saw Roni’s latest recipe on GreenLiteBites, I was super-excited. Her Cheesy Garden Vegetable Burger was everything I look for in a recipe: Hearty, low in carbs and easy to make — in other words, something I could really sink my teeth into.

Ahem. Pardon my pun, please.

Armed with all the ingredients I needed, I set out to make my burgers just before 11 a.m. The intent was to eat one for lunch and take the other one to work for dinner later. As I expected, they went together quickly. (Roni is the queen of quick, healthy eats, after all.)

The one tricky part was making sure the meat was sealed at the edges. I took as much time as I needed to seal those puppies tighter than Fort Knox.

Before the disappointment, with a spinach, avocado and ranch dressing salad.

Or so I thought. They smelled delicious as they grilled on good ol’ George (my George Foreman grill). And they looked pretty tasty … if a tad overdone. I sometimes forget George has quicker cooking times.

Still, despite all my burger-sealing precautions, when I cut into it, my burger was cheese-free.


It still tasted pretty darn good — and the zucchini and pepper were all in place. It just wasn’t cheesy. I remedied that problem by melting part of a wedge of Laughing Cow Garden Veggie Cream Cheese over the top of my dinner burger. (The rest of the wedge went on my broccoli.) Yum!

I suspect the way the George Foreman grill presses things down, it squeezed my cheese right out. So the next time I attempt to make these burger, it’ll be without George.

I’ll just have to fire up the real grill … or pull out the grill pan. I know it’s in a cabinet somewhere in the kitchen. The trick will be to remember which one.


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