Breaking free

I feel like I’m still in a food rut. Despite all the choices available to me, I tend to fall back on the same things day after day.

Variety, for me, is a double-edged sword. Too many choices leads to overeating, yet I enjoy trying new foods — and new recipes. I have an extensive collection of low-carb recipes my roommate and I printed from various websites when we were on Atkins in 2003, as well as several low-carb cookbooks.

Even with all those recipes at my disposal, I tend to rely on the same foods. Omelets. Burgers. Zucchini. Cheese. Atkins bars and shakes for on-the-go meals.

Part of the problem is a lack of time. I enjoy being in the kitchen, but there are other things I enjoy a heckuva lot more (like writing). Then there are the things I have to do, like it or not (work, working out). Getting those needs and wants done leaves precious little time for cooking.

Of course, that’s when I end up at Five Guys for a lettuce-wrapped burger … or Arby’s for roast beef and cheddar sauce (hold the bun) … or Wendy’s for a BLT Cobb salad (hopefully with bacon. I had one not too long ago without bacon. How can you forget to put bacon on a BLT Cobb salad? It’s right in the name!).

I either need to find that elusive balance or add another three or four hours to my day. Which one seems more likely? Since I’ve been seeking balance for years now, it might be easier to rearrange the number of hours in the day.

Huh. I started searching online for “hours in a day” and found this web page dedicated to the 28-hour day. Apparently we can thank the Egyptians for our 24-hour day — they learned to count using the joints on each finger, and there are 12 per hand, so they decreed 12 parts to the day and 12 to the night.

Fascinating stuff, eh?

I can tell you there weren’t enough hours in the day today to get everything done at work. We were down a page designer for the second straight day, which wreaked havoc on our regular schedule. That’s why I knew Friday would be a stressful day.

Love me some Metromint chocolatemint H2O.

I tried to prepare by chillin’ with a Metromint chocolatemint water. It didn’t do as much to calm me as I’d hoped.

I’ll be at work again tomorrow. 😛 No Saturday off for me this week, thanks to another page designer on vacation. That means we’re down to two. Both of us are going to be in desperate need of a day off by the end of this weekend.


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