No surprise here

Thursday’s my weigh-in day. I was up 1.6 pounds for the week — not that I’m surprised. A weekend of eating with abandon is bound to have a negative effect on my weight loss.

I’m back on track now, though, so I’m already looking forward to a loss next Thursday.

There’s a saying about counting your chickens, isn’t there? Overconfidence isn’t necessarily a positive when it comes to diet.

It’s good to think positively about exercise, though. Whether you think you can’t or think you can, you’re right. I’ll have more opportunities to do things I thought were impossible now that the Boyfriend bought a treadmill. With access to a treadmill at home and at his place, C25K is looking more and more likely. Sure, I could do it outside, but I like the extra accountability on the treadmill display.

I’m also still trying to decide what to do with strength training. I can either repeat bootcamp workouts from Week One onward (I’m sure it’d still be a challenge, though perhaps less of one since I’m stronger now than I was when I started) or I can sign up for personal training sessions with Tina. They’re super-affordable, and I know I’d get a lot out of them.

Another trash pickup day in the neighborhood meant I was dodging cans again.

The only thing that’s not an option is going back to my couch-potato ways. I’ve been getting in cardio when I wake up in the morning. Tuesday and Wednesday, I used the elliptical at the Boyfriend’s for at least 20 minutes. On Thursday, it was a 25-minute walk outside. (It was trash-can dodging day again.)

I need to give this exercise (and diet) thing my all. I’m tired of being stuck in the 220s.


2 responses to “No surprise here

  1. Hey Arlene, Here’s a little tough love – hang in there, get back on track. I’m right here with you and you’ve done so well getting back with the low carb plan that you know works so well for you. Seems you’ve loosened up just a bit and I don’t want to see you take a backward step with all the hard work and progress you’ve done! You say you’re back on track and I believe you…….get er done, girl!!!

    Hope you have a great, low-carb weekend!!!

    • Thanks, Sharon! I needed that. I was a little lax yesterday … tried Starbucks new Mocha Cookie Frappuccino. (A little residual “what the hell?” from my terrible weekend, I guess.) It was delicious — and now that I know what they taste like, I can blithely ignore them until they disappear from stores.

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