Best-laid plans

It turns out ol’ Robert Burns is right: The best-laid plans of mice and (wo)men often go awry. Such was the case for me at my writer’s conference last weekend. You knew there was a reason I’ve been silent this week, right? (Actually, I’ve still been super busy.)

I planned to get in my last two Best Body Bootcamp workouts on Saturday and Sunday mornings while everyone else was still sleeping, before conference sessions got under way. I even packed my gym clothes and tennis shoes. I scoped out the location of the hotel gym on the map … and then didn’t go anywhere near the darn place.

I did get quite a bit of walking in on the conference center grounds — more than 12,000 steps Friday alone. But I didn’t do my formal workouts. Is it coincidence that I didn’t win bootcamp’s big cash prize? I think not.

My plan also included staying on my low-carb diet. I packed Atkins bars and brownies to help me avoid temptation … and then, between sessions, I snatched a mini Reese’s cup from one of the bowls in the conference check-in area. (Writers love their chocolate, so it was present in abundance, and I’d foolishly left my Atkins snacks in my luggage … in the hot car.) One led to another, and pretty soon it was open season on sweets and carbs in general.

It didn’t help that there were no diabetic meals after all, and every chicken breast was breaded. Someone suggested Saturday that I ask for the gluten-free meal. No breading there … but by then I’d already devoured potatoes, white and wild rice pilaf, chocolate mousse, a heavenly chocolate cake with whipped cream and raspberry sauce and other assorted carby treats.

Oh, it was way too easy to slip back into my old, bad habits. We stopped at the swanky Scottsdale Fashion Square mall Sunday after the conference and I was still in a carb free-for-all. I got a dark chocolate milkshake from Johnny Rockets, crowned with thick whipped cream. It was dee-ee-licious.

But after I tossed the cup in the trash, I gave myself the old diet pep talk. You know the one: “One day — even one weekend — of out-of-control eating won’t cause you to regain all the weight you’ve lost. Continuing to eat crap will, though, so get back on track now.”

I took a deep breath, told myself that once I left the mall I was back on Atkins and then stepped through the doors. I didn’t look back.

After a weekend on carb overload, I felt blah and bloated. It’s also been tougher for me to say “no” to the things I usually have no trouble bypassing. But I’m doing it, and I know the desire for bread/sweets will go away.

I’m not looking forward to getting on the scale in the morning, though. It won’t be pretty.

At least I got in all my water each day. H2O was nearly as omnipresent as chocolate, with giant pitchers of ice water in each conference room and more in the common area.


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