Running behind

All day Monday, I felt like I was three or more steps behind. I was late getting up, getting to Starbucks for writing time and then heading in to work. (I looked up from my manuscript and realized it was 4:15, when I should have been to work by 4 at the latest. Oops.)

I think I might have even missed the check-in deadline for last week’s Best Body Bootcamp points … by about five minutes. I’ll just have to keep my fingers crossed that Tina was a few minutes late checking our check-ins.

If not, I hope all my hard work will at least count in the grand scheme of things, even if I’m DQ’d from this week’s drawing.

Running behind like I was meant this morning’s workout didn’t happen. Even worse, I didn’t drink my water or track my eats the way I should.

Yikes. That makes today a total wash.

What is wrong with me? I can’t lose focus now, in the last week — not when I’ve been doing so well all along.

*Deep breath.*

I’m getting up and hitting the elliptical first thing in the morning. You heard it here first. Make sure to hold me to it, will you?


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