Accentuate the positive

Since I haven’t been making much progress on the weight-loss front, I wanted to remind myself of some of the other things I’m accomplishing on a daily basis.

Another trash pickup day in the neighborhood meant I was dodging cans again.

— After nearly seven weeks of Best Body Bootcamp, working out has become an almost-daily occurrence. On days I don’t get to my official bootcamp workout, I’ve been doing something — even if it’s just a 20-minute walk. I love that exercise is now part of my routine.

— Speaking of a 20-minute walk, I can practically do one in my sleep now. When I started exercising again six weeks ago, even 10 minutes felt like forever. Amazing what a difference a month and a half can make, eh?

— I can now complete all three sets of each exercise in the bootcamp routine. When I started, I was lucky to be able to finish two. That first day, I thought I was going to pass out in the middle of the first one.

— I’ve gotten into the habit of drinking a lot more H2O. I still drink more diet soda than I probably should, but I’m also downing water like it’s going out of style.

— It’s nice to be able to pull things out of my closet and have them fit again.

I'm too poor to buy new clothes, so I love rediscovering old ones that fit again.

— I can (barely) squeeze into size 14 jeans.

— I no longer hate every picture taken of me.

Even if 225 isn’t where I want to stay, it’s a darn sight better than the 261 I carried last May. And I guess I ought to be glad maintaining this weight is pretty effortless.

These accomplishments — even the small ones — remind me the importance of staying the course. The scale will start moving again if I keep on keeping on.

Well, not quite. I’m going to tweak my routine just a bit, dropping back on my carb intake and attempting to boost my activity a little more.

I might also try following the exact menus in the Atkins book for a few days to see if that helps.

Something’s gotta give.


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