Note to self (and some other random ramblings)

Discovered: Low carb or not, these cookies are too good to keep in the house.

Dear Self:

The Atkins Endulge Chocolate Creme Sandwich Cookies are fantastic. They taste just like Oreos — and are, in fact, so good that you should never buy them again. It’s too hard to stop with just one package (and you don’t want another OD on sugar alcohols any time soon).

Love, Arlene

Actually, I did stop with one serving — but mainly because the remaining single-serve packs were nowhere near when I inhaled the first one.

So I’ve learned one thing this weekend: I should avoid those cookies like the plague. Only 5 Net Carbs or not, it’d be way too easy for me to overeat them. (They might even increase cravings.) That means they’ll have to stay off the menu.

Shame, that. They really are delicious. Oh well. Not delicious enough to give up all the progress I’ve made.

Despite my best intentions to work out, it ended up being a fairly lazy Sunday. I spent some time at Starbucks, writing. Got some fresh, new words — a good start to the new, improved ending of my WIP. I also spent plenty of time with the Boyfriend.

Monday, it’s back to work — but first, a good Best Body Bootcamp workout. I’m kind of looking forward to a new challenge.

My two personal goals for this phase:

— Keep tracking food. It’s slowly becoming a habit again, but I still want the safety of requiring myself to do it.

— Drink at least 64 ounces of H2O each day.



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