What a difference a day makes

Monday left me pretty low. Thank goodness Tuesday was a brand new day — a much better one, too.

I woke up a little after 9 o’clock and, as is my morning habit, checked my email with the iPhone. I was surprised (and pleased) to read that I won an Attune prize pack in this week’s Best Body Bootcamp drawing.

That started off a pretty great day … at least until I got to the office (more on that later). I got up and did a bootcamp workout — Workout A, since I didn’t get to do it yesterday. It puts me behind by a day, but that’s okay. Tina’s plan is flexible enough to allow for shuffling.

When I finished about 40 minutes later, my legs were feeling it, for sure. They’re still feeling the burn hours later. Guess that means I’m building muscle, right?

I’m also rebuilding a love of exercise. A day without a workout (like yesterday) now throws me off. I actually miss the movement — and the way it improves my mood.

This shirt was looser than it was when I wore it a couple of weeks ago ... and I just pulled the jeans out of the closet because my go-to pairs are dirty.

I noticed the T-shirt I put on for my workout fit me better than it did the first time I wore it, about two weeks ago. I normally buy an XL, but this one was a L because the only XLs available were an ugly brown color. I don’t do brown … so I took a chance on the L in red. It was a little tight, just not enough to deter me from wearing it.

But when I put it on again Tuesday, it was decidedly roomier. That perked me up a little more.

After my workout, it was time for lunch. I turned Monday’s craving for carb-y goodness on its head by whipping up some mac & cheese.

No, I didn’t use real mac. I cracked open a bag of tofu shirataki noodles. They’re not my absolute favorite and — let’s be honest here — they really don’t have the same mouth feel as noodles. They are, however, much lower in carbs than the real thing. There are just 2 Net Carbs in an entire bag.

My healthier answer to Monday's carb cravings (healthier as in not OD'ing on sugar alcohols).

Thankfully, I got to use real cheese, cream and butter in my cheesy sauce. (One of the perks of doing Atkins … cheese is a-okay.) I also added a cup of spinach, chopped, to up my veggie count.

The result was a cheesy-good bowl of satisfaction with about 4.4 Net Carbs total. Yes, I said 4.4 carbs in the whole bowl.

After lunch, it was time to get dressed. Both pairs of go-to jeans were in the dryer, so I grabbed an old pair out of the closet. They’re from Eddie Bauer, but because they’re hand-me-downs from a coworker, they’ve never been my favorites. They’re too short in the leg … but they fit like a dream. I had no trouble pulling them on and buttoning/zipping them. They looked pretty good on, if you ignore the high-water exposed ankle aspect. 😉

I also made myself a “sack dinner” (meatless lasagna and green beans) and packed up my computer to head to Starbucks for writing time before work. (Yes, I’m still writing after yesterday’s disappointment. The Golden Heart contest isn’t the way — or maybe even the best way — to succeed in romance writing.)

Instead of indulging in a Faux Frappuccino (like I did Monday), I went with the iced tea. I still have to weigh in for Romance Biggest Winner on Thursday morning, and I’d like to see the scale go down again.

When I got to work, my mood went slightly downhill upon hearing the news that the company’s CEO and CFO got gigantic bonuses. How can they justify bonuses for two people when the masses haven’t gotten even a cost-of-living raise for the last four to six years?

I’m not going to think about that too much, though. It’ll just tick me off. And I’m really in too good a mood to be ticked off.

So glad I’m feeling better. Guess it’s true what they say: Exercise releases endorphins.


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