Confession time

On so many levels, Monday was not a good day. Why? It was THE day … the one day a year that drives romance writers crazy.

That’s right. It was the day Romance Writers of America notifies finalists for their Golden Heart and Rita competitions. The day you sit by the phone, slowly going crazy as you wait for that all-important phone call.

Long story short, I got the call in 2011. This year, I did not … but I had a “blocked” call that totally faked me out (and made me freak out after being relatively resigned to not making the cut). You can read more about it on my writing blog if you’d like.

Needless to say, call day impacted my Best Body Bootcamp workout this morning … as in, made it nonexistent. I woke up at 8:20, spent about 20 minutes online checking writing websites and blogs and then had to hop in the shower. I had to leave the Boyfriend’s by 9 to get back home by 10 for the massage I’d scheduled to keep my mind off waiting for the phone to ring.

Skipping my workout was health-related Strike One. But you could argue that a massage was an acceptable excuse not to exercise. Being pampered for an hour felt fantastic. I really should make massages a regular part of my self-care routine.

Strike Two? After resigning myself to not finaling in the GH this year, I totally wanted to dive into something carby — a milkshake … macaroni and cheese … a plate of French fries. Comfort eating at its finest, my friends.

My one concession to comfort eating after the disappointment of not being a GH finalist.

The positive thing is I avoided that urge. I did lunch on a lettuce-wrapped burger from Five Guys, and dinner was a half Cobb salad from Wendy’s. But instead of succumbing to the desire to seek out diet-breaking carb bombs that’d undo all my weight-loss progress (and make me hate myself in the morning), I went to Walgreens and picked up some sugar-free chocolate.

Too much sugar-free chocolate, some people might argue. More on that later.

I picked up this “Big Bunny,” a bag of Pecan Delights and a bar of mint-flavored dark chocolate. The bunny was devoured in short order, as soon as I got to the office. A few hours later, I ate one Pecan Delight … then a second.

Unlike the coconut Santa, this actually does resemble its namesake.

A little excessive, I know. But better than something full of carbs, right?

My body tolerates sugar alcohols pretty well. Unfortunately, when I decided to eat the bunny followed by two pecan patties (one serving), I forgot to take into account the Atkins bar I’d had for breakfast while driving back up from E’s.

That made for a sugar alcohol overload, which had me running to the bathroom every hour throughout my night at work.

There you have it: My confessions of a day gone wrong. Tuesday will be better. I’m starting off with a workout … and I actually can’t wait.

Wow. Did i just say that? Amazing.


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