Bootcamp Week 2 Wrapup

Week Two of Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp is done, and I’m raring to start Week Three.

Okay, “raring” might be a slight exaggeration. In some ways, Week Two took more out of me than Week One. (In other ways, it was a lot easier and I was less sore. I hope that means I’m getting stronger.) And some of the exercises for Week Three look downright scary.

But I’m going to trust the process. Tina knows what she’s doing, and she’s left enough flexibility for me to work around any exercises that threaten to kill me (cough, crossover lunge).

I am looking forward to a new set of challenges, though — mainly because it means I’ve seen the back end of Weeks 1 and 2’s Workout C. After putting it off for two days, I finally made it through one set of each of those exercises Sunday.

I haven’t decided whether to keep the same two goals for the next phase or switch them up. The food tracking is becoming a habit … but I’m afraid that if I don’t keep it as a goal, I’ll get lax again. The brushing/flossing is also becoming a habit (I missed Saturday for the first time since bootcamp began, because I fell asleep before I remembered to get out of bed and floss.)

I think my Weeks 3 and 4 goals will be:

— Track food (a necessary evil)

— Take a daily multivitamin. (It’s something I know I should be doing.)

Yes, two feet of snow in March.

Weather-wise, Sunday was as awful as the Weather Channel promised. I ended up leaving my car parked at the newspaper office and catching a ride home with my coworker.

I volunteered to work so the guy who lives out of town didn’t have to come in. I’m not even sure he’d have been able to come in, considering the highways were closed off and on all day. The airport reported 17.3 inches of snowfall — a new record.

Funny thing is, the high’s supposed to be 60 by Thursday. Okay, that’s not really funny. It’s sad. Why’d we have to get walloped with snow?

When I got home from work, I whipped up a flatbread pizza. The flatbread had 6 carbs, and I topped it with a little tomato paste, zucchini, bell pepper strips, leftover smoked sausage and mozzarella cheese. It turned out pretty well. Yum!

Sorry. I devoured it before I could take a picture. I didn’t plan on working when I left the house, so I didn’t have any food with me during my shift. I nabbed some peanuts from the vending machine and drank an Atkins shake from the stash in my desk, but I was still pretty hungry when I got home.

I skimped on water today, only drinking one and a half of the four bottles I had in the work fridge. I think the problem was it was too cold outside for me to drink cold water.

I’ll drink up tomorrow, after I kill the first Week Three bootcamp workout. (At least I hope it’s not going to kill me!)


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