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The workout before the workout

Fresh out of the box

I had some prep work to do before tackling today’s Best Body Bootcamp workout.

Little did I know when I decided to blow up my stability ball that the process would give me quite the workout.

I should have known, though. I remember getting lightheaded blowing up an air mattress. I had to huff and puff for what seemed like hours.

And my first stability ball (now defunct) had a hand-operated pump, so that was quite the chore to inflate. I seem to recall my arms were sore for days.

Getting there ...

At least this one came with a foot pump. That made it a little easier to handle.

Still, I thought I’d never get done! I swear I must have stepped on the pump 500 times. (Or a thousand. Not sure which is more of an exaggeration.)šŸ˜‰

Eventually, my stability ball made it to the proper size and shape. My first one was a prettier color (blue) … but this one seems to be a little sturdier. Good thing, too. I’ll be putting it to the test today.

Lucky for me, I inflated the ball Tuesday night when I got home from work. Had I waited until morning, it might not have gotten done.

About a thousand foot pumps later, finally ready to use.

Pay no attention to the cans of beer on top of the TV. The Boyfriend thought it’d be cute to line them up like that ā€” I just haven’t gotten around to taking them down. I’m lazy that way. If they’re not hurting me …

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