Fun with garbage cans

Thursday is trash day in my neighborhood — and that means one thing: trash bins litter the sidewalks.

This actually isn't the best street to have taken a picture of. It had fewer trash toters than most. What was I thinking?

When I headed outside to get in my scheduled cardio session for Best Body Bootcamp, I had to dodge a trash can every few hundred yards. It got old fast … so I turned it into a game of sorts. I started walking diagonally from can to can, shooting across the street like a crazy pinball.

Hey, whatever works, right? It made the time go faster, at least.

I know we’re still in Week One, but I’m loving boot camp so far … the workouts, the online support, (the chance to win prizes). It’s moving even higher on my list of likes now that I’m seeing results on the scale. Losing 1.6 pounds in a week is nothing to sneeze at, for sure.

I just read on one of the other participants’ blogs that she took starting measurements. I should do that, too, because I doubt the scale will consistently be kind. (It never is these days, even when my eating is completely on-plan. I guess that’s one of the down sides to getting older.)

I find it odd how, after months of being a couch potato, I suddenly WANT to move my body.

After work tonight, I unwound with a trip to Walmart to look at new weights. I ended up deciding to wait until payday to buy some, though. Then, when I got home, I marched in place for 5 minutes before doing a set of stretches Tina blogged about Thursday morning.

She says she’s not trying to kill us, but I remain unconvinced. 😉 My thighs still feel like Jell-O.

Today’s core workout just might be the deciding vote. I’m looking forward to it — but with trepidation. Some of those moves look downright scary. I’ll report back in after I kick some butt … or it kicks mine.

The outcome remains to be seen. But whatever happens, I’ll give it my best shot.


2 responses to “Fun with garbage cans

  1. You talking another dodging trash cans reminds me of when I run the bike path and have to dodge goose poo! Lol.

    Bootcamp is super awesome and challenging! I’m loving it and the online support!!

  2. What a fun game, dodge cans. LOL

    I’m also loving bootcamp and personal training with Tina. I’ll be taking measurements this week and pictures oh help me.

    Keep up the great work!

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