Boot Camp Day One

I can say “I did it” — and it feels pretty darn good.

That’s right. Day One of Tina’s Best Body Boot Camp is now under my belt.

I woke up with a stuffy nose, but didn’t want to let that derail me before I started. So I blew my nose as best I could and hopped on the elliptical. Twenty-two minutes later, the hard work began.

The exercises were tough … Really tough. And that was with the modifications to make them easier. About a third of the way through the second set, I got dizzy, so I rested for a few minutes and then finished the set and called it a workout.

Considering how sedentary I’ve been, the 40 minutes of exercise I did today was pretty darn good. But even better is how I felt when I was done. I felt accomplished. Happy. Unstuffed, even. (Too bad that didn’t last all day.)

I guess what they say is true: You never regret a workout.


You might not be able to see the sweat, but it's there. Trust me.


2 responses to “Boot Camp Day One

    • I know. I’m actually more sore tonight than I was after Monday’s workout. Hope that doesn’t mean I’m doing it wrong.

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