Calories count?

I just read a great post over on the Atkins blog. Called The Scoop on Calories, it gently reminded me that I CAN’T eat anything I want just because it’s low in carbs.

Okay, really it called me out — on the ugly 70s shag carpet in the basement rumpus room — for drinking too many heavy cream-laden “Faux Frappuccinos” at Starbucks.

Calories aren’t the whole story — but they do matter. If you’re stuck at a plateau and have stopped losing weight on your low-carb plan, maybe it’s time to do a little digging and see just how much food you’re actually consuming.

Thanks for the kick in the teeth pants. It’s just what I needed after a month without weight-loss progress.

I have been guilty of falling into the “it’s low in carbs so I can eat it” trap. Now that I’ve realized it, I can make a change.

P.S. It’s been more than three days since my last “Faux Frappuccino” and I’m still alive to tell the tale — and I’ve remembered that I can go to Starbucks, order tea and leave perfectly happy (with writing done).


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