Clean bill of health

I might feel like death, but my insides are doing just fine, thank you. That was the verdict from my company health screening this afternoon.

The numbers:

  • Total cholesterol: 156 (anything under 200 is good)
  • HDL (good) cholesterol: 50 (60 or higher is “desirable”)
  • Total/HDL cholesterol ratio: 3.1 (less than 4.0 is acceptable)
  • Non-fasting glucose level: 81 (less than 140 is desirable)
  • Blood pressure: 132/80 (The top number puts me at borderline risk, but it’s lower than it has been in the past.)

The two numbers that didn’t look so good were, of course, weight-related. No surprise there, right?

  • BMI: 32 (should be 25 or less)
  • Waist circumference: 44 inches (a far cry from the 35 inches recommended by Dr. Oz and company)

Most of the numbers are decent. My blood sugar level is actually lower than it was last time I had it checked.

I’m already working to improve the ones that aren’t so great. Today, March 1, marked the start of Round 2 of Romance Biggest Winner. My starting weight, after not eating much at all Wednesday evening, is 228.6.

Weighing in this morning after skipping dinner Wednesday will probably come back to bite me in the butt next week, but it was our official WI day.

Delicious — even if I forgot to finish it.

If my stomach doesn’t feel better soon, I won’t have to worry. Today, I managed to eat just 13 carbs, because I felt fairly nauseous most of the day. The bulk of it was at lunchtime, when I had a 6-carb oatmeal cinnamon square (which I started eating at Starbucks, while I worked on the NARWA newsletter … and forgot to finish it. I looked down some time later and realized I still had a few bites left).

I also had an Atkins Cookies n Creme bar (3) at around 8 p.m. and, close to time to leave work, a pack of peanuts from the vending machine (4). When I got home, I had most of a chicken breast (0).


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