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Secrets of the successful loser

Weight-loss know-how is like this cactus: Somewhat painful to crash into.

With Round Two of Romance Biggest Winner about to start, I thought it’d be a good idea to outline a few of my favorite proven ways to lose weight.

There’s no better way to get ready for a weight-loss competition, right? And it’s a timely reminder for me, especially after logging no progress in February.

Like Jen over at Prior Fat Girl, I know what to do to lose weight. It’s not exactly rocket science. The problem lies in applying that knowledge day in and day out … making not-so-fun choices more often than not.

Take Tuesday, for example. When I hit Starbucks to write before work, I chose not to indulge my Faux Frappuccino habit. Instead, I ordered a venti chai tea — just hot water with two tea bags, to which I added a packet of Splenda.

Was it fun? Not so much. I discovered I’m not a huge fan of the flavor of chai tea. But as a result of my choice, I had carbs left for a healthy, veggie-filled snack after work: A cup of grilled zucchini slices … followed by the small indulgence of an Atkins nutty fudge brownie. That brownie weighed in at 2 Net Carbs; I estimate the Faux Frappuccino at 5 (and that may be on the low side).

Ahem. Forgive that tiny tangent and let’s move on to the tried-and-true secrets to weight loss as I know them.

  1. Find the plan that works for you. That means one you can stick to. For me, that plan is low-carb. I can follow Atkins without cravings and without constantly thinking about my next meal. I stick to it without starving myself or feeling deprived. It doesn’t work for everyone — no single diet does. Find the diet you’re most comfortable with, whether it’s Weight Watchers, NutriSystem or Intuitive Eating, and follow it.
  2. Track every bite. As much as I wish it weren’t true, tracking (or food journaling) is a key to weight loss. Sure, it can be a pain to write down everything you eat. But every time I ditch the habit, I have little success losing. Tracking A) helps you get a handle on exactly how much — or how little — you’re actually consuming and B) makes you think twice about what you put into your mouth. (Do you really want to have to note that you just scarfed a package of Twinkies?)
  3. Move more. Yeah, my couch potato self is even less thrilled by this one than No. 2. Unfortunately, exercise is another nonnegotiable part of the weight-loss equation. Calories in > calories out = loss of pounds. That is why I will most likely sign up for Tina’s Best Body Boot Camp on payday. I need motivation to move, beyond the knowledge that exercise leads to weight loss.

That’s all I have: Just three keys to successful weight loss. Like I said, none of them are rocket science.😉

It’s as simple as finding the diet that works for you, tracking what you eat and working out. Yes, as simple — and as difficult — as that.

Change happens one choice — one step — at a time.

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Losing weight is easy …

... if you're in a coma, maybe. Most of us have to work at it — every day and every minute. It's not easy to make the right choices, to drink water instead of (diet) soda, pick the grilled chicken sandwich instead of a burger or choose to get up and get moving instead of lounging around in bed. After too many months of making the wrong choices under the guise of dabbling with paleo eating, I've re-joined Weight Watchers (online). My choices may no longer be low-carb or Whole30 or paleo, but the concept is the same: I'm still getting closer to my goal weight one choice at a time.

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