Bitten by the evil metal monster

The evil metal monster strikes again.

I weighed in this morning at 230.2, which means that I’ve made no weight-loss progress all month. (My Feb. 2 WI, still posted in my sidebar, was 230.0.)

Even though I felt pretty good about my choices on vacation, the weight certainly isn’t falling off like it did the first time on Atkins. (By that measure, I’d have lost at least 10 pounds in February.)

I must get back on track. I’m not saying I HAVE to lose 3 pounds a week … but 1 pound a week would be fantastic.

To make that happen, I need to make a few changes in the merry, merry month of March.

At the top of the list? More water, fewer diet pops and Faux Frappuccinos. (Ah well. At least I’ll save money when I’m writing at Starbucks.) More veggies, less bacon (sob).

Also, more exercise. I might even take the plunge and sign up for Tina’s Best Body Boot Camp. I’ve been kicking around the idea, but have so far been scared to commit. I know, I need to make up my mind soon. It’s probably just the kick in the butt I need.

My only problem is finding time to fit it all in. How can I make time for exercise, writing, the day job and something that passes for a social life?

One idea is to spend less time online. While keeping up with two blogs and two twitter streams (weight-loss & writing)? Dream on. I already do the bare minimum.

And I won’t give up Pinterest. It’s not like I spend hours a day pinning willy-nilly. Some days I don’t visit at all.

At least I’ll get some extra steps on the pedometer today. I walked home from work because I can’t park on the street when it snows. Since we were expecting up to 8 inches overnight, I figured it was better to be safe than sorry.


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