Improved mood achieved

Even though I still feel a little like I’ve been run over by a truck and I could have sworn it was Saturday when I woke up this morning, Wednesday was a big improvement over Tuesday.

That’s right: I was in a much better mood. My research into ways to banish the blahs must have had the desired effect.

The first thing I did after I took my shower was root around in the closet for something orange to wear. Hey, I’m all for clothes that’ll balance my energy and create warmth and enthusiasm. Working in an office that’s colder than … well, you know, I need all the warmth I can get.

Another self-portrait in the bathroom at work. Y'all should be used to them by now.

Turns out I’m not a huge fan of the color orange. The sleeveless sweater I finally chose is more “spice” or “pumpkin” or possibly even coral … but it was the orangest thing in my closet. Of course, I had to wear something over it. (See the aforementioned “colder than” statement.)

Huh. The sweater looks orange enough in the bathroom self-portrait I shot.

The picture was another mood booster, because I can clearly see weight-loss progress in it. My face definitely looks thinner, even than it did a month ago. And my hair seems impossibly long.

Oh, wait. That’s not a good thing. It just reminds me I need a haircut before I leave for vacation next week. I can’t have my niece and nephew seeing a scruffy aunt.

My appearance isn’t the only thing that improved my mood.

Arby's "good mood food" motto extends to their soda glasses, too.

Corny as it is, this cup from Arby’s made me smile. (Yeah, I know I should be making lunch at home … but I was too interested in making good progress on my manuscript to be bothered.)

I did, however, make stop at the grocery store for jicama and grape tomatoes. I can tell I’ve been skimping on the veggies because I’m starting to crave salad. I popped a handful of tomatoes in the car on the way to Starbucks.

Unfortunately, my throat’s still scratchy.

Here’s hoping the good mood holds off sickness — at least until after I get back home from my trip.


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