I feel better when …

When Prior Fat Girl Jen put up a great post about her little reminders the other day, it got me thinking about the things I knew once, but keep forgetting.

Why is it I seem to have to learn and re-learn the simple things? You know, things like the importance of drinking water instead of diet soda … or moving it to lose it … or tracking/food journaling every bite … or even that Atkins works for me where other plans haven’t.

Over and over again, I have to remind myself of these simple truths:

— I feel better when I drink water. Diet pop might have more flavor (and caffeine), but water is more hydrating (and cheaper).

— I feel better when I move my body. Exercise doesn’t take that long … and it provides a burst of energy I can put to good use doing other things (like writing).

— I feel better when I follow a low-carb lifestyle. My cravings are gone, leaving ME in control.

— I feel better when veggies figure prominently in my low-carb meals. Yes, bacon and cream are OK (and they’re filling). But a nice salad can be just as satisfying.

— I feel better when I keep track of what I eat. Knowing what goes into my mouth makes it easy to know when to stop eating … even if I’m not as prone to overdoing it on Atkins, tracking helps.

— I feel better when I spend time away from the computer. There’s more to life than work (and Starbucks, even if some of the baristas greet me like an old friend).

— I feel better when I blog regularly and stay connected. I might not have thousands of readers (or even hundreds), but someone’s reading my posts … and that’s good enough for me!


4 responses to “I feel better when …

  1. What a neat post!! And rest assured, I may not always comment as I’m usually reading on the fly, but I read every one of your posts. I love having a friend in Arizona!!

    • Why, thank you. The next time you make it out here, we’ll have to meet up. You almost have to come through Flagstaff to get to the Grand Canyon for your hike! (Or, there are lots of great hiking trails nearby.)

  2. I have you saved in my RSS feed list, so I read all your posts. I have to learn to reply to some of my favorite blogs…so that’s what I am doing now 🙂

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