Who am I?

Don’t worry — this isn’t one of those heavy “I need to discover myself” posts. I know who I am.

I’m just having a hard time recognizing myself after two straight days of working out.

Okay, some people might not count 20 minutes on the elliptical over two days (15 Monday, 5 Tuesday) as a workout. But for me, after being a couch potato for more months than I can count, it was huge.

And I owe it all to my newest online obsession, Pinterest. (I got an invite last week. You can find me under Arlene Hittle.) Find the one that convinced me to get up and move at left. Thanks, Roni, for the pin.

Here’s hoping it marks the beginning of a renewed relationship with exercise. There was a time that I belonged to a gym, went to classes most days of the week, took long walks through the neighborhood (or the Boyfriend’s). I’d like to be that person again.

It all starts with 20 minutes on the elliptical, right?


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