More link love comin’ at you

Welcome to the “New Year, New You” edition of link love. Today’s links focus on self-improvement — and tie into my goal of making 2012 my best year yet.

— Over at the Attune blog earlier this month, MizFit posted some powerful words about real change. If you haven’t read them yet, do it. Now. This post gives me hope that someday my lifestyle changes will be second nature to me.

— Maggie from Say Yes to Salad posted a Friday Five that’s right up my alley — and probably a lot of yours, too. Five ways to de-stress right now. They seem quick, easy and effective. Can’t wait to put them into practice.

—Toward the beginning of January, when everyone was still in the throes of their New Year’s resolutions, Fit Bottomed Girls put out a list of five ways to lose weight without losing your mind. They might have been more helpful had I shared them a couple of weeks ago. Then again, any day is a good day to begin something like No. 3: Start a daily self-acceptance ritual.

— Along those same lines, Tina from Best Body Fitness (formerly of Faith Fitness Fun) just shared a fantastic list of 30 little things you can do right now — today — to improve your health/fitness. She has a new blog now, but her posts are as great as ever.


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