The relationship between confidence and success

Confidence is the companion of success.

— Author unknown

A while ago, I downloaded an app that spouts inspirational quotes on demand. I don’t look at it every day — but some days I read more than one. It just depends on what I’m doing that day, if I have time and if I feel in particular need of motivation.

On Saturday, the nugget above was one of three it served up for me. For some reason, this one just resonated with me — big time.

It didn’t take long for me to work out why: For me, success and confidence really do go hand in hand. It’s almost impossible to have one without the other.

Success builds confidence. That’s the way it works for me, at least. When I’m feeling out of control, I have no confidence in my ability to succeed — and so I don’t. (Sometimes I don’t even bother to try. More than once, that attitude has made me think “screw it. Today’s shot. Might as well keep eating.”)

But let me do just one thing right — choose water over soda, journal every bite, have a big ol’ salad for lunch — and I start to believe I can do those things every time. If I think I can, then I’m more likely to actually do it. Thus the success breeds confidence.

Just something to think about today and every day.


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