Skipping the scale

I opted to skip the scale again Tuesday morning, even though I took it with me to the Boyfriend’s.

After two days of eating on a very odd schedule — and getting lots of nuts/protein/Atkins bars with too few veggies and not enough water, I decided not to depress myself with a “bad” scale reading.

I spent today drinking a ton of H2O and eating closer to the optimal way, so the scale ought to reward me Wednesday morning.

Maybe I should just change my regular WI day to Wednesday (or Thursday). Then I could avoid the “to skip or not to skip” dilemma every week.

No guilt and a better WI? It’s a tempting thought!

It’s also probably about time to snap another photo of myself for the sake of documenting progress. The last one I took was on New Year’s Eve. I feel like I’m trimming down. My clothes seem to be getting bigger.

That’s not something I’ll complain about! Now I’m off to Walmart, then home to read or write a little before bed. I’m nearing the end of Kristan Higgins’ “Until There Was You,” and it’s getting really good — un-put-downable good. Can’t wait to get back to reading and see what happens next.


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