A pleasant surprise

When I saw the gloppy mess that was supposed to be the “batter” for my protein pancake breakfast the other morning, I didn’t have high hopes. It looked more like the stuff you’d use to hold together bricks than pancake batter.

But because I didn’t want to waste food, I forged on. When they sat on the griddle in a ball instead of spreading, I had more doubts. But I used the spatula to flatten the pancakes and forged ahead again.

Hard to believe you can get something tasty out of cottage cheese, soy flour and protein powder, eh?

Given so much trepidation, you can imagine how surprised I was when they actually tasted pretty great — so great that I went back to the kitchen to snap a photo after I’d eaten half my breakfast. (The recipe for one made three small-ish pancakes. I added 2 T of sugar-free pancake syrup as well as the almonds the recipe called for.)

Guess it serves as another reminder not to judge a book by its cover. I’m guilty of that more often than I’d like.

Curious? You can find the recipe for Almond Protein Pancakes on the Atkins website.


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