Mixed bag of a day

Wednesday was a real roller coaster of a day: It started off slow but built up to a stressful rush before winding down with a nice dinner.

I can count it as a success, though: The stress didn’t send me running to the vending machine. I ended up eating about 28 carbs, but that’s totally within my range of 25 to 30. And I got more veggies today, something that’s not always easy for me.

Not pretty, but pretty tasty

I spent most of  the morning on the computer, reading blogs — when I wasn’t in the kitchen making breakfast, that is. Breakfast was pretty tasty: Poached eggs over avocado slices, topped with bacon and salsa.

After breakfast, I headed to Barnes & Noble to see about spending some of the gift card that’s been burning a hole in my pocket. It came in a Christmas card from my brother and his family, along with new photos of my adorable niece and nephew.

Actually, I had a specific purchase in mind: the new Atkins cookbook, “The New Atkins for a New You Cookbook.”

While I’m still not sold on the new Atkins plan versus the one I followed so successfully in 2003, I liked the sample recipes from the cookbook. (Besides, I’m trying to enrich my life here. Remember?)

Then it was off to Starbucks, where I made the conscious choice to stick to iced green tea sweetened with Splenda. (No room in my meal plan for a Faux Frappuccino today.)

A pick-me-up

I had to cut my writing time short to go back home and run an errand for the roommates — and received a lovely bouquet of flowers for my trouble. So bright and cheerful … and they smell divine.

I needed the pick-me-up by the time the work night was over. Computer issues left me frazzled on a night that should have been easy. It didn’t help that I volunteered to take on the sports pages — and the darn Orange Bowl went on for-ev-er. This is the worst time of year to do sports. At least in the spring and summer, we’re on a three-hour time difference from the East Coast.

Anyway, after work I went home and returned to the kitchen to try another new Atkins recipe: Cheeseburger with onion, mushrooms and mixed greens. I was too hungry (and sleepy) to take the time to snap a photo, but I’m sure I’ll make it again soon enough.

Now I’m about to drop of to sleep as I sit here, so I’d better stop blogging and get to bed.


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