Busy year

I’ve noticed a lot of the other bloggers I read are compiling year-in-review posts.

It’d sure be nice to have the time to sit back and review my 2011 accomplishments. But I’ll have to settle for a quick-hit version:

In January, I announced that I was flirting with going back to Atkins. We know how that turned out. I started in May and am down approximately 30 pounds.

In February, I tried my first Green Monster, finished decluttering my bedroom (don’t ask how it looks 11 months later) and helped the Boyfriend move out of his mother’s garage (he’s since gone back).

In March, I finaled in the RWA Golden Heart, beginning a long, crazy ride and increased focus on my writing. Before March 25, I toyed with a pictorial food journal and got caught out with the Boyfriend in a snowstorm.

I didn’t blog much in April — only 7 posts all month. I was too busy adjusting to my new status as a Golden Heart finalist … and shopping for a dress for the awards ceremony.

In May, I re-committed to Atkins and found my appetite shrinking and my willpower growing. I also finally found a dress for the GH awards ceremony.

June found me excited about losing nine pounds — until I realized they all came out of my chest and my GH awards dress no longer fit. 😛

In July, I laid out some “I want to finish by the end of 2011” goals. Half were completed. I’m not quite in the 220s, nor did I walk 100 miles. (I really need to start walking regularly again.) I also got injured playing softball.

In August and September, I was feeling fine. In October, my lip swelled to twice its normal size — and I still haven’t figured out why. I also rediscovered Smothered Chicken.

November was a crazy month that found me editing not one but two 2012 Golden Heart entries while I tried to do the NaNoWriMo. I succeeded — barely, thanks to an 8-hour marathon on Nov. 30. I also discovered I could make homemade Thai Iced Tea.

Wow.Two hours later, my “quick” post has turned out to be a lengthy endeavor. Oh well — I’m sure I’ll appreciate it someday, when I can look back on 2011 with one click.

Maybe if I’m ambitious, I’ll do a look ahead to 2012, too. But with the Boyfriend around this weekend, don’t be surprised if I don’t get around to outlining my New Year’s resolutions until Jan. 2.


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