Anyone else remember that “Twilight Zone” episode where the state declares the librarian obsolete and sentences him to death?

Called “The Obsolete Man,” it originally aired in 1961 — 10 years before I was born. It’s definitely one of the classics … sure to be seen during a “Twilight Zone” marathon on SyFy.

It also popped into my head as I drove home from Walgreens after work this morning. (I ran to Walgreens for a sugar-free Coconut Santa.) Of all things, a song lyric brought it up. Y’all have heard Pitbull’s “Give Me Everything Tonight,” right? It was the “locked up like Lindsay Lohan” line that cracked me up.

Since the Associated Press reported earlier this week that la Lohan actually received praise from the judge for doing her community service and attending required counseling sessions, I couldn’t help but wonder how much longer that lyric would be relevant. Twenty years from now, when Pitbull turns up on the oldies station, will anyone remember Lohan’s jail time?

Then again, I suppose there are lots of songs that don’t hold up well. “Gettin’ Jiggy with It,” anyone? How about “Mmmm Bop”? What do they even mean?

Sammy Hagar’s “I Can’t Drive 55” was later re-released as “I Can’t Drive 65.” Somehow, it doesn’t have quite the same ring to it, does it?

Enough musing on musical obsolescence. Today was a decent day, food-wise. I wasn’t even tempted by the goodies in the breakroom, leftover from the office holiday party I skipped in favor of writing time @ Starbucks. I did help myself to some leftover green beans and sliced turkey, though — both perfectly acceptable snacks.

Now, it’s late — or early, depending on your time zone. I’m hitting the hay.


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