So this is Christmas?

O Christmas tree ...

As I was madly trying to read through my contest entry before work today, it hit me: Christmas is only 10 days away.

Where has December gone? I know how my November disappeared — in the throes of NaNoWriMo and Golden Heart entry prep. But how can it already be Dec. 15?

I guess I’ve been too busy pushing myself to revise my manuscript to notice December flying by.

Thank goodness I got some of my shopping done on Monday. It makes me feel a little more prepared.

I’m not even close to prepared on the holiday baking front, though. At this rate, I might not do any holiday baking. I did make that batch of cinnamon-roasted nuts on Monday (and have been enjoying them ever since).

I also plan to whip up some of LeAnne’s Sugar-Free Coconut Almond Bark just as soon as I make it to the store for the ingredients. And now that the snowstorm has passed, that’s likely to be soon.

Those two treats might have to suffice this year. My Mom’s butter cookies aren’t low-carb (even if I make them with Splenda instead of sugar). It’s the recipe’s three cups of flour that do the carb count no favors. I don’t have the Atkins bake mix to make the low-carb version of Christmas cookies, even though I remember them being pretty tasty.

Snapped this photo at Starbucks — where else?

Cookies or no, I suppose it’s time to get in the holiday spirit.

All right — where’s my Santa hat?

Can I just say I’m loving the Photo Booth program on my new MacBook? This is the first flattering photo I’ve seen of myself in a long time. Hmm. I might actually use this one on my Facebook profile.

I tried to snap a picture of my new, smaller jeans in the bathroom mirror at work with my iPhone, but it didn’t work out so well. Even though I feel great in the new size, the angle made my butt look huge. Maybe later.

Or maybe I need to start shaping my rear view. Now that my contest entry has been submitted, I should have a bit more time.


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