Still more links to love

I may not be sharing the link love posts as often as I used to … but I haven’t been blogging like I used to, either. Bear with me as I get back into both habits. (It’s kind of depressing to see daily blog hits in the single digits.)

— Over at Roni’s Weigh, Roni posted a great weekend quote about getting active.

“An hour of basketball feels like 15 minutes.  An hour on a treadmill feels like a weekend in traffic school.”  ~ David Walters

So what’s  my basketball? Good question. I wish I  could say walking, but this time of year I hate to be outside. I used to have a blast in Zumba, but had to give up my gym membership. Maybe I should rejoin, because that’s the only exercise I can think of that doesn’t feel like exercise.

— Proof that I need to give up the day job and concentrate on writing: Authors rank on Forbes’ list of 10 happiest jobs. On the flip side are the 10 most hated jobs. Glad I don’t work as one of those. Now, no matter how annoyed I am by my work, I can always think, “It could be worse. At least I’m not in _____.”

— From PriorFatGirl Jen, some tough love. I so need it right now. My favorite line was the one at the end:

This is your life. Love it or change it.

— Along those same lines, over at Trading Up Downtown, Tina had a guest blog post about how to stay fit over the holidays. Mostly a refresher, but still great things to keep in mind.

— And Prior Fat Girl Elle has had some stellar posts about sucking it up and making the healthier choice, even in this season of indulgences. She has a great attitude that I hope is contagious. most recently outlined in this post.

You heard me: I could learn a thing or two from someone about half my age. Somewhere along the way, I’ve lost my passion for healthy living … for making the healthy but harder choice. Too many “just one won’t hurt” and “go ahead, give in”s have crept in. Elle’s posts often remind me that the end goal is more important than the occasional indulgence.


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