Welcome, December

It’s a new month … and I’ve never been more glad to see the back end of November. This November kicked my butt six ways to Sunday.

I did, however, manage to reach the writing goals I set for myself. I submitted both of my Golden Heart entries and finished the NaNoWriMo challenge (on the last possible day, with barely enough words — 50,016).

The healthy eating and exercise goals? Not so much. Especially this last week or two, during crunch time, I’ve let things slide. I still haven’t been eating carbs, but I haven’t been a good low-carb dieter, either. My days have been full of meat, eggs, nuts and cheese. Veggies have been practically nonexistent.

But December’s a new month — and even though it’s not the best time to try to lose weight, I’m going to get back to doing low-carb right. If the weight starts to come off again, that’s even better.

Another contest deadline looms: Harlequin’s “So You Think You Can Write” competition, on Dec. 15. Then, Christmas … New Year’s … new goals and resolutions.

I think I’ll start with catching up on my Google Reader. Last I checked, there were 176 posts waiting to be read. Yikes.


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