Misadventures in eating


Sugar-free Peppermint Mocha made with heavy cream.

Earlier today, I sent out a Tweet about how I feel more like drinking my carbs than eating them.

I place the blame squarely on this guy: A “Skinny” Peppermint Mocha (made with sugar-free peppermint and mocha syrups and heavy cream). It’s super-delicious and totally filling — and it tastes better than any meal I can cook up, for sure.

The one in the picture? Yeah, it’s my second of the day. I had one instead of breakfast, while I was pounding out my NaNo words for the day. Then, after eating breakfast (an omelet and bacon) for lunch, I grabbed another drink on the way in to the office as my afternoon snack.

Yes, I know that’s 10 Net Carbs worth of heavy cream spiked with sugar-free goodness — and although it’s fairly low in carbs, it’s totally not in the spirit of Atkins.

I might have seen a loss at the scale this week, but if I keep making decisions like that, the progress won’t continue.

I can tell I’m not eating the way I should be, because the bag of chips someone left in the break room actually looked tempting. I didn’t stick my hand into the bag and pull one out, but I kind of wanted to.

That means only one thing: Must eat more veggies. Stat.


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