Great Thai Iced Tea

Before moving to Arizona in 1999, I’d never eaten Thai food, let alone had Thai iced tea. Being from the rural Midwest, I’d barely eaten Chinese food. My mother wasn’t a fan, so we just didn’t have it.

That’s all changed, thank goodness. I was introduced to the joys of coconut curry, (my favorite) Pad Thai and Thai iced tea.

Now that I’m doing the low-carb thing again, Pad Thai is out of the question. That means there’s not much point of my going to a Thai restaurant.

Lucky for me, I can still get a Thai iced tea fix at home.

That’s right. I spotted this during a recent trip to Cost Plus World Market. I went there looking for sugar-free syrups, of course … but decided to browse while I was there. I’m glad I did — even though it meant avoiding the British candy bars. I figured I could mix the Thai tea with coconut milk and voila: a homemade version with just 1 Net Carb.

There’s a secret to delicious homemade Thai iced tea, though: Don’t rush it.

I made some one morning, brewing the tea according to package directions and letting it cool. Then I added ice and 1 cup unsweetened vanilla coconut milk.

The result was delicious. Another afternoon, I tried to make it without letting the tea cool first. Big mistake. It was watery and not even half as good. The trick is definitely to let the tea cool first.

My first car/beverage shot (a la Julie Go Lean).

It might not be as fancy-schmancy as this Food Network recipe from Emeril Lagasse, but mixing the brewed Thai Tea bag with coconut milk makes me all smiles.

Have a hankering for some homemade Thai Iced Tea of your very own? I found this link on It looks a lot like the box I picked up at Cost Plus, so you’ll likely get similar results.

The recipe (such as it is):

  • 1 serving Thai iced tea, brewed according to package instructions
  • 1 cup sugar-free coconut milk
  • Ice cubes

Mix tea and milk; add ice. Enjoy.


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