Under the weather

Remember that classic “Twilight Zone” episode with the dying old man who asks his greedy family to wear ugly masks until midnight … Then when the clock strikes 12 and they take the masks off, they find their faces have frozen to fit the hideous masks (which really epitomize their ugly souls)?

With my lip swollen to twice its normal size, I felt like one of those characters last night.

I still don’t know why it ballooned up. I was just sitting at my desk at work when it started tingling. A look in the mirror confirmed that I looked like a refugee from “Twilight Zone.”

Stranger still, it was just the right half of the top lip that swelled.

It’s just the latest in a long line of strange complaints. On Saturday, I had a strange, dull ache in my right arm. I spent half the night worrying if it was a heart attack.

Yeah, I have a touch of hypochondria, in case you couldn’t tell. When my mom was in the hospital after her heart attack (manifested by complaints that she couldn’t breathe), I laid awake trying not to think about the fact that I had trouble breathing.

Most of the time, I keep it under control — but every once in a while it sneaks back.

How about you? Ever have a brush with hypochondria? Any ideas why my lip blew up?

I hope I’m not developing a peanut allergy. Surely that’s not it. I ate peanuts Saturday, too, to no ill effect. In fact, I often snack on peanuts, because it’s the only low-carb thing in the vending machine at work.



5 responses to “Under the weather

  1. Hey Arlene, My lip does that only it’s my left upper that swells. It is so random and I never, ever know when it’s going to happen although it generally is when I wake up in the morning. I tried isolating everything trying to figure out what it might be. Finally visited an ENT who immediately diagnosed it as an “allergy” that I might never be able to identify the source of. I have mega problems with allergies and sinus anyway, so no big surprise there. He prescribed Singulair which works. When I’m taking the Singulair, my lip doesn’t swell. But I hate taking that med ALL the time just for something that MIGHT happen once every three weeks or so. Leaves me with quite the dilemma. But it looks EXACTLY like that picture of you, so I’d bet yours is some sort of allergic reaction as well. Hope that helps a little. BTW, he did assure me that it was a different sort of allergic reaction and highly unlikely to affect throat or cause breathing problems.

    • An allergy? Blech. What happened to the days when I wasn’t allergic to anything? I used to go out with my dad and pull up poison ivy because we were both immune. But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve developed an allergy to penicillin and something in the air outside.

      I was hoping to figure out what kind of allergy could possibly be causing a swollen lip. But if your doc says you might never know … I’m probably SOL. The Benadryl I took doesn’t seem to be making too much difference. The lip still is bigger than it should be. Is Singulair available over the counter?

      • Yes, I found that NOTHING seemed to make the lip go down. I tried Benadryl, tylenol, ice packs, warm packs, alternating between ice & hot packs, NOTHING would make it go down until it was ready all on it’s own. Except, of course, the Singulair, which prevented the swelling in the first place.

        Unfortunately, Singulair is not available over the counter yet and it’s still patented, so there isn’t even a generic. I have good insurance and it’s still not a “preferred” med meaning expensive. Another reason I choose not to take it all the time. I think the patent expires 9/2012 so generic will be available soon after that I’d say.

        When my ENT first suggested it, I rebelled because of the expense and he gave me a month of samples to try it out. That might be an alternative for you to experiment whether or not it would work for you.

        I haven’t commented much lately, but still read all your posts and enjoy reading about your life way over there on the other side of the country!! Also, I like your renewed determination and enthusiasm for your low-carb eating plan. Keep up the good work!

      • Thanks for the info, Sharon — and for reading. I’m the same way — I read your blog but don’t do a lot of commenting. Since I switched over to Google Reader, I don’t comment as much on anyone’s blog. I probably ought to do something about that, eh?

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